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Number of servings 16 - A delicious and smooth coffee, perfectly crafted with the right blending of 4 different origins to deliver balance in aromas, enhanced by the adjusted roasting and grinding for an extra-long extraction.

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Preludio is designed to make a bigger mug of coffee that you can enjoy for longer. With a rich flavour and delicate aroma, its smooth, round characteristics are enhanced by adding milk. Preludio is a rich blend of South American Arabica beans and Southeast Asian Robusta beans, which together bring body without increasing bitterness. The beans are softly roasted to release their delicate aromas and ground in a specific way to avoid any harsh notes during long extraction. The Robusta beans bring body without harshness and are ideal at maintaining coffee flavour through a long extraction as well as delivering the sweet cereal base of Preludio. The South American Arabica beans are lightly roasted to bring subtle fruity notes and this completes the aromatic richness of Preludio’s aroma & flavour. Each box contains 16 capsules designed for NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsule machines and allows you to prepare 16 cups of Preludio.
Benefits: - Easy and quick preparation - To be consumed in the comfort of your home, anytime of the day - World class premium coffee origins - Hermetically sealed capsules that preserve the freshness of aromas - Medium intensity, - Delicate roasty and cereal base, with subtle fruity notes; - Very smooth / soft texture

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